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MN2of40 CD Cover Front

The MELLOWNAUT Debut CD 2of40 includes 13 audio
tracks (total time 1:10 h) and one digital image artworx
for each song (and some more wallpapers), to have
some additional visual art for the songs.

Most of the songs are instrumental electronic & acoustic
music, with some voice and noise samples.

We don't like to call it a special genre, but it is not
Rock'n'Roll, and it never wants to be...

For us it is an electronic and acoustic crossover mix of
various styles of modern popular music, always open to
be influenced from whatever. Simply... MELLOWNAUT

MN2of40 CD Inlay
All Songs are free for Download !

We are very curious to get your
feedback, please use our
Contact form or Guestbook.

What is your favourite song ?
(Ok, if you really hate it, you
don't need to waste your time
with writing to us...)
MN2of40 CD Inlay Back

  • Track 01: TIME CIRCLE
  • Track 02: IN YOUR EYES
  • Track 03: DIRTY AIR
  • Track 04: SEVEN DREAMS
  • Track 05: PHAETON SKY
  • Track 06: FROGS ON FIRE
  • Track 07: WHAT IS IT
  • Track 09: ELIGIBLE
  • Track 10: MELLOW MIND
  • Track 11: MONASTIC
  • Track 12: SATURN SUN
  • Track 13: SEEDY SCAM
20050316 MELLOWNAUT Studio2
20050316 MELLOWNAUT Studio3
20050316 MELLOWNAUT Studio4

2of40 was recorded and produced as a pure home production in 2004 in Germany by:

20041027 KUE
Michael Kümmeler


20040809 KLEIN

Hartwig Klein

Acoustic Guitar

Here you may take a look at our digital images for the songs. These files (JPG) are available for Download too in original size.

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